Plans Review

A Plans Review will be required in the following scenarios:

1) A Single-Family Dwelling with basement of any type or size

2) A Single-Family Dwelling 5000sf or greater 

3) All Townhome developments

4) Pole barn type structures with conditioned living space regardless of square footage

5) All Commercial use structures 

A minimum of three (3) working days should be allowed for this review. NOTE: Prior to permit issuance, other approvals such as approvals from State Fire Marshal’s Office, Planning Department and/or Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) may be required.

Only design drawings prepared and sealed by a Tennessee registered architect or engineer are accepted when a plans submittal is required.

Residential Plans Review Application

Commercial Plans Review Checklist

Commercial Plans Review Application

All Commercial Projects requiring a complete set of registrant sealed design drawings must include the following: (*Note - this list is not intended to be all inclusive)

1) A Cover Sheet drawing showing a code analysis for the building with any currently adopted minimum building, fire, life safety and accessibility codes enforceable at the time of the submittal.

2) A Civil/Site Plan previously approved by the Rutherford County Planning and Engineering Department.

3) Life Safety Plan showing the use for each space with occupant loads, travel paths and distances, exit doors with capacity, smoke partitions/barriers, fire-rated partitions and fire walls with appropriate legends.

4) Architectural floor plans showing the use of each space, dimensions, door, door hardware schedules, sections, details and UL fire-resistance rated assemblies.

5) Structural design plans and details with seismic and other minimum design loads.

6) Mechanical/HVAC system design drawings.

7) Plumbing system design drawings.

8) Fire protection sprinkler/standpipe/fire pump system design drawings where required.