Commercial Permits

Business and Permitting

The Codes Departments of Rutherford County regulate the use of property through the enforcement of the Zoning Laws and Building Standards. It also causes the enforcement of other laws and resolutions through the permitting process. The receipt of a business license does not automatically approve your location for a business activity.

If you are opening a business or are changing the type of business that previously occupied the property you are considering, then USE AND OCCUPANCY PERMITS will be required prior to opening the business. Any business that plans to build or make renovations is required to have BUILDING PERMITS prior to construction and occupancy.

Any new signs or alterations to existing signs displayed on the exterior of the building or on site, whether permanent or temporary, require SIGN PERMITS.

HOME BASED BUSINESSES AND CHILD CARE are required to have Use and Occupancy Permits.

FAILURE TO OBTAIN PROPER PERMITS prior to opening a business could result in fines or even the relocation of a business if Code Standards cannot be met at the current location.

Permits or information can be obtained by calling:
(615) 898-7730 – Rutherford County Zoning Questions; Building Codes - 898-7734
(615) 893-6441 – Murfreesboro Zoning Questions; Building Codes - 893-3750
(615) 793-6295 – LaVergne Zoning or Building Codes Questions
(615) 355-5704 – Smyrna Zoning or Building Codes Questions
(615) 274-6992 – Eagleville Zoning Questions

Plans Review

Plans Review is required for any basement house or commercial use in the county jurisdiction. A minimum of three (3) working days should be allowed for this review. NOTE: Prior to permit issuance, other approvals may also include: approvals from State Fire Marshal’s Office, Planning Department, and State Environmental Department.

Commercial Plans Review Checklist

Drawings should include mechanical and plumbing designs where applicable

ICC International Building Code - 2018 Edition
ICC International Plumbing Code -2018 Edition 
ICC International Mechanical Code -2018
ICC International Fuel Gas Code -2018 Edition
ICC International Fire Code -2018 Edition
ICC International Energy Conservation Code-2018

All of the above codes have been adopted with local amendments which can be found here

All plans for new construction, tenant build-outs and renovations must have the following code information noted on them and the manner in which compliance has been achieved: 
Drawn to scale 
All applicable codes 
Allowable height and area 
Construction type
Occupancy classification
Exit travel distances 
Life safety plan 
Number of stories 
Total building area (s.f.) 
Sprinklered or unsprinklered 
Rated walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, etc. 
Emergency exits and lighting

Checklists and Forms

Commercial Application

Commercial Plans Review Checklist

Cell Tower Permit Procedures

Commercial Checklist for C.O.

Any questions regarding Commercial Permits should be directed to Misty Whaley at [email protected].