Rutherford County TN

Residential Permits

Permit Issuance

The Rutherford County Building Codes Department issues permits for the County Jurisdiction only – (area located outside of any city jurisdictions)  Click here to check your jurisdiction.

Prior to permit issuance, a site plan review or other approvals may also be required, such as evidence of water availability or a proper sewage disposal method. For a full list of steps required for issuance of a single family dwelling permit click here. For a full list of steps required for issuance of accessory structures and additions to single family dwellings click here.

Permits are issued from 8 am to 4:15 pm – except legal holidays – Monday through Friday

Permits must be issued to property owner or licensed contractor. Permits must be paid in full by check, cash, or major credit card with a small nominal fee at the time of issuance.  To see a fee schedule for Rutherford County click here.  We advise that you contact a member of our staff to confirm permit fees before arriving at our office.  

At the time of permit issuance each applicant is provided a checklist indicating the required inspections, with the information on how to make the request. You must have your Permit Number to request an inspection.

Plans Review

Plans Review is required for any basement house, single family dwelling over 5,000sq ft, or townhomes in the county jurisdiction. A plans review will need to be submitted to include a full set of plans, septic or step letter, land disturbance permit and a zoning compliance form.  A minimum of three (3) working days should be allowed for this review.

Building Inspections

The adopted codes required that all work must be inspected at specific intervals during the construction process by certified building inspectors. It is the Building Permit Holder’s responsibility to request inspections and receive proper approvals from the Codes Department prior to moving to the next phase of construction. At the completion of the project, after all final inspections have been made and approved, the electrical service will be released to the power company. The permit holder will receive a Certificate of Occupancy or notice of final inspection to authorize Use and Occupancy of the improvements. The cost of all inspections is included in your building permit fee.  To see a list of building inspections, click here to find who inspects your area, click here.

Accessory and Swimming Pool Diagram

Building Inspection Checklist

International Code Council Benefits of Building Permits


Energy Code Requirements For Duct and Envelope Testing

Energy Efficiency Certificate


Plumbing Affidavit for Homeowners

Gas Permits Affidavit for Homeowners

County Building Permit Application

Application for Electric Release

Workers' Compensation Affidavit of Exemption

Elevation Form for Non-FEMA Lots

Fax Request for Plumbing Permit

Fax Request for Gas Permit

Erosion Prevention & Sedimentation Control Plan Options

Oversized Load Moving Application