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Rutherford County TN

Electrical Inspections

Issuance of Electrical Permits 

As of December 3rd 2018, all electrical permits for Rutherford and Cannon Counties will be issued by the Rutherford County Building Codes Department at #1 S. Public Square in Room 101.  The back entrance will be locked and will no longer be accessible to the public, so entry by the front door will be required. 

  • With the exception of major holidays, our office will be open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:15pm.
  • Please be prepared to produce the required licensure with which to obtain an electrical permit, and if applicable, a list of authorized employees who have your permission to obtain a permit on your behalf. Please put this list on your company letterhead or printed on paper with a copy of your business card attached.
  • Because we are an issue agent for the State of TN, the permits are issued through an electronic portal, for this reason we can only accept check and credit card for payment of the permit (please note: a fee applies when a credit card is used).
  • To obtain an electrical permit you must provide the complete street address of the property upon which the permit will be issued. Please be advised that permits will not be issued without it and a second trip to obtain the permit may be required, so please have this ready when you come to the office to obtain your permit.
  • Inspections can be requested through the Building Codes Department or directly with the inspector (you will receive his/her contact information when permit is obtained). You can request an inspection by calling our office at 615-898-7734, emailing us at [email protected], or on this website under the Electrical tab. For all scenarios, you will be required to provide the permit number and the complete street address of the property.
  • Please note that the Building Codes staff will only be responsible for issuing permits and scheduling inspections, our staff cannot answer any technical questions regarding your inspections. The assigned inspectors contact information, i.e. telephone and email, will be made available at the time of permit issuance and contractors are encouraged to call that inspector with any questions regarding their inspections.

Application for Electrical Permit

Click here for the State of TN Electrical Permit Application.

Request an Electrical Inspection

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