Commercial Checklist

Commercial Plans Checklist

Drawings should include mechanical and plumbing designs where applicable

ICC International Building Code - 2012 Edition
ICC International Plumbing Code -2012 Edition
ICC International Mechanical Code -2012 Edition ICC International Fuel Gas Code -2012 Edition
ICC International Fire Code -2012 Edition
ICC International Energy Conservation Code-2009

All plans for new construction, tenant build-outs and renovations must have the following code information noted on them and the manner in which compliance has been achieved:
Drawn to scale
All applicable codes
Allowable height and area
Construction type
Occupancy classification
Exit travel distances
Life safety plan
Number of stories
Total building area (s.f.)
Sprinklered or unsprinklered
Rated walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, etc.
Emergency exits and lighting

Any questions regarding Commercial Permits should be directed to Misty Whaley at [email protected]